16 March 2016

censored chink at mcgill, a supposed home for free speech (though free speech only implies terrorist-extremist feminist explicit headhunts) (NON-FOOD RELATED)

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#kobe2020 #kobeisGOD #kobe>#whitegod
A chink wrote a thang for the unnamed school newspaper last week. 

Editor emails a chink like, wei, we need you to come in and shit, to umm edit this and shit before we publish it. thanks, dog. bruhhhh

And a chink's like, lol yeah maybe not a chink's best article doeeeee. a chink didn't even stretch doeeeee. 

so a chink goes and and they like, bruh, yeah, you need to change this so it doesn't come across as antiblack, and a chink like, yeah a chink gets it. bruh

but, they were like, yeah we're gonna need you to change the perspective, and a chink like hmmmmm...

A chink was censored for using language that was maybe "too bold" and may be interpreted as anti-black. Faithful readers of Country Chink Broadsides probs won't think so, but a chink will post the article here because a chink wants his chinkstronauts to have a constant stream of chink noise and thought to read, or at least look at.

Lol though, a chink voice censored, well not like it's even that good...

(in all honesty, a chink don't even like what he wrote, but a chink had to tailor it to the unnamed newspaper so whatevs) 

I can see that bullshit from a mile away
You can stack my money bout a mile away 
I got three white bitches like it's powder day 
Mink coat with the rolls like a Shar Pei
And all of my bitches sexy, call them Barbies
She lookin' back like I'm flexin', baby no way

And lately, I been on that D'usse, yee

A chink also loves young thug...

So here's some snippets and shit (notice the sibilence) (the unnamed newspaper maybe some sni—)

I'm not gonna say nothin to mess my promotion up

["Y'all niggas is stupid"]
—the sage west

Alright, no more jokes (chink comments in italics:

Posing as a crusader of the #oscarssowhite movement, Chris Rock brought out “Ming Zhu, Bao Ling, and David Moskowitz,” three Chinese kids deemed the “most dedicated, accurate, and hard-working” of PricewaterhouseCoopers, the company counting Oscars votes, to raucous laughter and applause by the audience. lol a jew is the shining example of a chink  Rock then egged on the crowed, “if anybody’s upset about that joke, just tweet about it on your phones that were also made by these kids.” For all the #oscarssowhite hashtags and talk, Chris Rock seems to think it appropriate to ridicule Chinese children. Also complicit is the media who calls these kids “of Asian-descent” even though their names are explicitly in the Chinese pinyin. It seems all Asians are the same to the media.
seriously though, fuck this whole asian-american shit, might as well as call all dogs the same—that'll get the whiteman going


In the context of Rock’s constant berating of the Oscars for excluding black people, the Chinese jokes stand as a reminder that blacks could at least protest their exclusion, while the Chinese are limited to making phones and being accountants.
apparently this is antiblack. a chink disagrees and thinks it shows the progress the black power movement has brought. mr. senor. bigdick. rock just represents an exclusive faction of this black power, maybe just like the "hollywood sorority" he calls the oscars... hmmmm πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

[gong sounds] πŸ‘²πŸ‘²πŸ‘²πŸ‘²πŸ‘²πŸ‘²πŸ‘²πŸ‘²πŸ‘²πŸ‘²πŸ‘²
lol why does that even exist

While it may be seen as a light-hearted and acceptable joke, this sort of generalization and stereotyping hedges the diversity of an entire ethnic group. A Chinese child attuned to seeing themselves represented in media as doctors, lawyers, or accountants is susceptible to believe they can only become those things. In a vacuum, yes, it’s a good thing. These children will aspire to be conventionally successful and respected members of society. Yet this model minority myth only strengthens the tolerance of these Chinese jokes. If the Chinese themselves are proud of being dutiful doctors and other high-paying, white-color jobs, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, to the surprise of many, the Chinese are a diverse group of people who don’t want to be the same things. Some may even want to be actors. Rock’s jokes set an ethnic group, even less represented in Hollywood and media than blacks, further back. If the people hiring them laugh at their expense on TV, why would they want to pursue this kind of career? Maybe the problem is that three Asian actors willingly took money from the Oscars to set themselves back. Public humiliation then doesn’t even seem out of place.
yeah fuck the parents who would send those kids up there. chairman mao would fucking purge your capitalist unchinese bitchasses
a poor homie's great-uncle was shot b/c a chink was a nationalist. you see poor homie wei taking it down the throat from white $$? no. bruh, your parents is a disgrace. shit. set us back. keep going at it. when chinks and other oriental homebois start refusing this kind of shit, whiteman might, might, look at us as humans

Rock may be known as a champion of #oscarssowhite, but it might as well as be #oscarsnotblack. also thought to be antiblack lol Though he fights for black people doesn’t mean that he thinks diversity is the problem with the Oscars. For Chris Rock, the problem with the Oscars is that his people aren’t being rewarded for what they’ve accomplished. This, again, is a good fight. Yet, Rock only sees in black and white. Seeing more than one shade doesn’t mean he’s not colour-blind on the whole. a chink mean, well, shit, a chink don't think this needs much more commenting

In turn, the media also lacks sensitivity. The New York Times reviewed the Oscars and called Rock’s skit just “an awkward gag” and summed it up with “Comedy’s messy!”—essentially the equivalent of a shrug emoji. lol
A cursory Google search of “Chinese people” provokes a response of “-jokes, -are rude, -‘s liberation army.” If a searcher were to characterize a Chinese person from Google, it would probably be a rude and laughable person from a junta-state. In reality, at least as far as the media goes, it seems like this isn’t too far from the truth, except the army is short willingly subservient accountants, who are both not allowed to change, and scared into not changing.

Pretty big lol though lol. Yeah it was a lol. but on the brightside, a chink was called "appreciated" because he spoke for the "underrepresented Chinese voice!" 

So before I slit my wrist, they gonna cash in on this last poker chip
You can bet
You’re the one who keeps the slot machines trip(b)in’ around

Sometimes i'm wishing that my dick had go-pro

so i could play it back in slo-mo
fine, lol, maybe a chink just don't give a fuck...
and feels a little bit salty, but a chink was still censored,
or was "a chink" censored?
who is the text creator behind "a chink"
who is the author behind this person?

all important questions a chink hopes to answer in later posts

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